Step Beyond is a market research company that uses traditional, online and neuromarketing techniques to give true customer insights and inspiration, and a solid base of evidence upon which to base your business decisions.


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At Step Beyond we love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients succeed through stimulating positive change.

We use the latest digital and neuroscience technologies and also more traditional techniques where appropriate. Qualitative research and quantitative research. We will constantly push the boundaries, and we will never be ‘standard’.

Step Beyond online communities

Online Communities

Our online communities will yield customer insights of a depth and complexity you never thought was possible.

They are an incredibly powerful way to identify and understand explicit and implicit consumer goals across touch points, and to explore and help develop brand goal values. Through our skilled moderation and use of creative psychotherapy techniques we can become part of people’s lives and penetrate deep into their minds and decision making processes.

Market Research Applied Neuroscience


Neuroscience has shown that 90% or more of our behaviour is driven by the thoughts, processes and emotions that operate deep within our subconscious mind.

Using the latest brain-imaging technology we can now literally step beyond your target market’s consciousness and deep into their mind to identify their true reactions to your brand, products and marketing. Quite mind blowing and at a price that is accessible to all!

Step Beyond market research accreditations

In all parts of the process, I cannot fault Step Beyond, the information was detailed and presented in simple, easy to understand segments, that provided a clear picture of the state of play for Event City.


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Decriminalising Drugs

39% of British adults think some drugs should be decriminalised. If drugs were decriminalised 30% of 16-24-year-olds who have never taken drugs say they would consider doing so.

Opinion / The Observer

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