Step Beyond is a market research company that uses traditional, online and neuromarketing techniques to give true customer insights and inspiration, and a solid base of evidence upon which to base your business decisions.


Classical research for vital context and reality

Classical techniques still form an integral part of a market research toolkit, with desk research, focus groups, depth interviews, product testing, street, telephone, central location and in-store interviews all capable of providing exceptionally valuable insights.

But to achieve this, we must ask the right people the right questions at the right place and at the right time – ‘just doing a survey’ doesn’t cut it! This is where our experience and expertise really make a difference and we also work with a network of experts with specific skill sets (e.g. ethnography, sensory evaluation etc.) This ensures that we always deliver on our promises and you achieve real commercial gain.



Neuroscience marketing research

Digital research for ‘in the moment’ interaction

Online surveys, both qualitative and quantitative, offer fantastic opportunities to create innovative, interactive, engaging research with a real ‘wow!’ factor for both participants and clients. We work with only the very best sample providers and work hard to maximize response rates, design fun, engaging surveys and deliver findings of maximum reliability and value.

Our qualitative online communities offer incredible opportunities to ‘dig deep’ through becoming part of participants’ lives and minds through innovative tasks, discussions and creative use of psychotherapy techniques: the rewards in terms of depth of insight are immense.



Market Research Applied Neuroscience

Neuromarketing to access unconscious emotions

Behavioural sciences have shown that 95% of purchases are driven by the unconscious mind. Emotions rule: we are driven by irrational feelings, forgotten experiences and heuristics.

But how can we access the unconscious? The only way is through applied neuroscience and so we have joined up with a brilliant team of neuroscientists. We use state-of-the-art eye tracking, GSR (skin response) and EEG to offer two core services:

BrainWaves: How to fine tune your TV ads or videos for optimal neuro-effectiveness

BrainBox: How to become ‘brain friendly’ across touchpoints: branding, marketing, packaging, product etc.



Step Beyond market research accreditations

In all parts of the process, I cannot fault Step Beyond, the information was detailed and presented in simple, easy to understand segments, that provided a clear picture of the state of play for Event City.


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Decriminalising Drugs

39% of British adults think some drugs should be decriminalised. If drugs were decriminalised 30% of 16-24-year-olds who have never taken drugs say they would consider doing so.

Opinion / The Observer

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