"In the first instance Step Beyond were tasked with researching the exhibition industry to ascertain how Event City was perceived and whether it was viewed as a viable venue for large scale exhibitions.

A second research project was carried out after approx. 2 years, to ascertain the progress achieved against the identified shortcomings. This research will formulate the targets for growth over the next two years.

In all parts of the process, I cannot fault Step Beyond, the information was detailed and presented in simple, easy to understand segments, that provided a clear picture of the state of play for Event City. On a personal level, Penny was excellent, delivering sometimes difficult news to digest with professionalism."

Event City



B2B market research 

B2B market research

Many of the techniques we use are equally applicable to those companies who sell to businesses rather than consumers – after all, they’re people too! And having fewer customers, buying in larger amounts, means they are even more important – you have to stay ahead of the your competitors at every point of contact and build rock-solid relationships. Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

The same is true of relationships with your trade partners, and those you depend upon to sell your products to the end user. Motivating them to sell your products rather than someone else’s is vital, and you don’t want it to be based on just giving them the greatest margins, or being the cheapest. What could you do that would really make a difference?

But we’re sure you know all that (and that’s why you’re here!) so how can we help? Through designing and conducting research that recognises how crucial your business customers and partners are to you. We will treat them with the utmost professionalism and respect, ensuring that taking part in the research enhances their relationship with you, and leaving them with really positive impressions.

For quantitative studies we use specialist B2B interviewers, for qualitative research we will typically go to wherever is most convenient for them. And we recognise that their time is precious and never outstay our welcome! We will use our professional skills and independence to help reveal underlying perceptions and feelings that are of crucial importance to mutually profitable business relationships. Because that after all, is what business is all about.


We will reveal underlying perceptions and feelings that are of crucial importance to mutually profitable business relationships.

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