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BrainWaves will benchmark your ad’s neuro-performance and tell you how to fine-tune it for optimum effectiveness, with millisecond accuracy.

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BrainWaves will benchmark your ad’s neuro-performance and tell you how to fine-tune it for optimum effectiveness, with millisecond accuracy.

The impact of and uncertainty around Brexit means your advertising will have to work harder than ever.

Use BrainWaves to test your tv ad or video for the same price as a couple of groups!

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It is scientifically proven that over 90% of all purchase decisions are based upon unconscious, often irrational, emotions.

Traditional research cannot access these emotions, however deep we dig. Nor can it identify exactly what is generating positive or negative emotions, nor exactly what is attracting attention or turning people off.

Neuromarketing is delivering a paradigm shift in research and is being used successfully by many global brands.


BrainWaves offers a syndicated approach to neuromarketing.
You pay only for each commercial you test (whether your own or your competitors’).

Neuromarketing  Consumers

60 consumers

Participants are traditionally recruited. Recruitment criteria will match participating clients’ target audiences as accurately as possible.


BrainWaves Neauromarketing testing


Using the latest medical grade EEG equipment we measure:
Emotional Reaction Index (positive & negative emotional activity), Attention Index, Eye tracking analysis, GSR (Galvanic skin response).

Neuromarketing TV Ad Testing

2 ad breaks

Participants are exposed to no more than 2 simulated ad breaks. They simply have to watch them, there is no effort required and no wear out.


Neuromarketing Analysis

expert analysis

Analysis is undertaken by a team of neuroscientists and the findings fed back in a clear PDF and interactive dashboard, giving carefully considered recommendations as to what would optimise its effectiveness.


£8,500 per ad/video.


We are offering a 30% DISCOUNT to all new clients!


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Ask Penny how BrainWaves can work for you


Can I test animatics or rough concepts?

Sorry no - you can only test finished or nearly finished ads and videos within BrainWaves – you’d need a customised study for anything in the earlier stages or for different media eg websites, billboards etc.


What’s the point then – how can I use the results?

Just making quite minor changes to an ad can vastly increase its ‘neuro effectiveness’ – eg deleting a scene, adding another, changing the soundtrack, changing part of the voiceover etc. It could also avoid a very costly error in using an ad that doesn’t actually work or even turns consumers off your brand.


Can I test different versions of the same ad?

Yes, BrainWaves is perfect for that – for comparing responses to different soundtracks for example.


Can you identify differences between different sub groups?

Yes, with the sample size of 60 we can break it down into 2 groups if requested: eg men vs women, young vs old etc.


What do you measure?

We measure activity within the brain in terms of:
• Attentiveness
• Positive emotion
• Negative emotion

We then identify the NEMFA of the ad and benchmark it against others we test.

Through eye scanning we can identify exactly what in your ad is generating those feelings and also generate ‘heat maps’ in terms of focus of attention. Through GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) we also measure the body's physical response.


Can you measure what type of positive or negative emotion people are feeling?

No, not through the brain scanning – we’d need to conduct depth interviews to do this, which is possible but would increase the cost.

Does that mean your other clients will know my results?

No! Each client will only see other ads amalgamated together into an average, and also as (anonymised) best and worst scores


Can we watch it happening?

Yes! It will take place in viewing facilities so you are welcome to come along


Is it ethical?

Yes, completely. We strictly adhere to both the NMSBA and MRS Codes of Conduct. The brain scanning is completely painless and safe. There has been some debate in the press around the use of applied neuroscience within marketing and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to go down this route. But leading global brands use it extensively.


Is it the same as facial coding?

No – it’s far more skilled, accurate and diagnostic than facial coding, which sounds great in theory but in practice people’s emotions are almost impossible to accurately read, and certainly not with the millisecond accuracy provided by applied neuroscience.


Why haven’t I heard of BrainWaves before?

Because we are only just launching in the UK. Our neuroscience partners, BlackBox, have been operating in Europe for years and have worked for brands such as…

Step Beyond Neuromarketing


Will I be able to understand the report?

Yes! We go to great lengths to distil all the analysis down into actionable findings and recommendations. We also provide a personal debrief for all clients where we will run through and explain the findings.

The report is in both PDF format and a web interface where clients will have interactive access to all the results, benchmarking, etc.

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