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Food and drink market research 

Food and drink market research

Increasingly fierce price competition between the UK multiples and ever-tightening margins for their suppliers, have perhaps left many food and drink manufacturers thinking they simply can’t afford market research.

But the integration of behavioural economics/psychology into marketing and our use of sophisticated neuromarketing techniques to tap into the unconscious mind, mean that research should pay for itself many times over through increased sales, more effective use of marketing budgets and higher profit margins. With the help of innovative technology we can identify how to develop and market your products and brands to fully meet explicit and implicit consumer goals and thereby directly impact upon purchase behaviour. Without resorting to constant discounting.


Our expertise includes:

  • Applied neuroscience to develop ‘brain friendly’ brands and products
  • Development of impactful and motivating marketing communications
  • Occasions, needs and goals mapping
  • Market exploration, segmentation and positioning
  • Exploration of consumer purchase and usage behaviour and the explicit and implicit goals that drive it
  • Identifying opportunities for new and existing products
  • Concept evaluation & development
  • Packaging design and development


We help companies to develop successful products and brands by providing clear and actionable insights...

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