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"Working with Penny is a pleasure, as she is so cheerful and efficient. Our - often tight - deadlines are strictly adhered to and the results are always excellent (if not always what we expect!) Penny has a creative and refreshingly honest approach and her conclusions and suggestions play a significant role in helping us to develop our products, which have all been marketed successfully."

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Working with Step Beyond 

Working with us

At Step Beyond we love what we do and are passionate about helping our clients succeed through stimulating positive change.

We use the latest digital and neuroscience technologies and also more traditional techniques where appropriate. Qualitative research and quantitative research. We will constantly push the boundaries, and we will never be ‘standard’.


So how do we create that lovely bubble of happiness? Through…

  • The initial research design – choosing the best tools for the job
  • Making sure that everyone involved in a project (yes, including recruiters, interviewers and analysts!) knows what we are trying to achieve
  • Designing discussion guides and questionnaires that are thoughtful, creative, interesting, provocative, relevant – and never too long.
  • Running a FOC pilot for every quant project to make sure it works
  • Using the positive possibilities offered by the digital world to improve our research
  • Never placing unfair or unrealistic demands on anyone
  • And generally caring more about the success of our clients and the quality of our research than about the bottom line – we are not a profits-driven machine. Which is a shame for the new car showrooms around us but never mind!

What are we like to work with?

We love what we do. We live, breathe and cherish every project we work on.

We are passionate about helping our clients make better, more informed decisions. Whether that’s to help them increase profits, reduce costs or to deliver a social return on investment.

We are not afraid to challenge. Research must stimulate positive change – if you don’t want to change, then don’t do research!


We will constantly push the boundaries, and we will never be ‘standard’

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