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In the first instance Step Beyond were tasked with researching the exhibition industry to ascertain how Event City was perceived and whether it was viewed as a viable venue for large scale exhibitions. The findings were thorough and insightful and were used to formulate the business plan and investment plan for Event City.

A second research project was carried out after approx. 2 years, to ascertain the progress achieved against the identified shortcomings. This research is now being fully analysed to be included in the updated business plan and will formulate the targets for growth over the next two years.

In all parts of the process, I cannot fault Step Beyond, the information was detailed and presented in simple, easy to understand segments, that provided a clear picture of the state of play for Event City. On a personal level, Penny was excellent, delivering sometimes difficult news to digest with professionalism.


Step Beyond were very impressive in their ability to comprehend our complex brief as well as our underlying objectives for the research. They also interacted soundly and to-the-point with consumers, whatever the methodology they used. All along the project the discussions were very constructive, and led to insightful and powerful research that we leverage both internally and in front of our customers.


Working with an agency who 'get to grips' with the technical detail of your products and the terminology used within the industry so quickly is refreshing. It shows a real hands on approach. The challenging findings were delivered with empathy and a robust strategic direction identified.


I am very pleased with the report and will be talking to the Trustees about how we can utilise it in our forward marketing.


Step Beyond’s research was an important element of our primary care engagement campaign, so we had to get it right. ·The work was conducted from start to finish with thoroughness, professionalism and great skill. We’re very happy with the result.


The research work carried out by Step Beyond to gain the public reactions to the potential introduction of a "Made in Staffordshire" brand has been invaluable. Give a tight budget and an even tighter deadline Step Beyond working with the County Council devised the questionnaire, conducted 500 street interviews and produced a comprehensive research report on time and within budget. This work is now being used to inform the development of the "Made in Staffordshire" initiative. I'm really pleased with the report and will be taking it to the Board next week… Many thanks for your super swift response and action.


Fox Kalomaski Crossing has worked with Step Beyond for over 10 years and we find Penny's approach to research both enlightening and realistic in its delivery. We have partnered on many occasions with Penny and Step Beyond has helped us to achieve some great successes in pitching for new business and with existing clients' business. I would happily recommend Step Beyond to anyone.


We have been most impressed with the quality of Step Beyond’s work; their approach to fieldwork and engagement with motorcyclists, the regular updates on progress and most importantly, the excellent final results, presentation and report The findings have enabled us to develop a new detailed strategy that will ensure we tackle motorcycle casualties locally in a highly effective and efficient manner.


If you have been frustrated by sitting through pitches from big market research companies, who promise (and charge you) the earth, only to find that rather than enjoying the experience of the MD, you end up talking to the junior researchers, you need to meet Penny from Step Beyond. Who you see at the pitch is who you deal with throughout the project. Her enthusiastic, professional, intelligent and no nonsense approach ensures that you hear what 'you need to' rather than 'what you want to'. Her valuable advice and recommendations have already successfully impacted on subsequent campaigns.
Step Beyond have won three contracts from the group based on their experience, approach, value for money and excellent track record. Over the last two years they have become a much valued member of the West Midlands Hub of Museums Marketing Group.


Working with Step Beyond has been an extremely positive experience; they have used their considerable knowledge, expertise and integrity to design the most effective research projects for our budgets. The results have been astonishing, providing us with two highly effective pieces of research, enabling us to target our resources in the right direction and gain an extremely accurate insight into our visitors’ and non-visitors’ views, perceptions and behaviour.


Working with Penny is a pleasure, as she is so cheerful and efficient. Our - often tight - deadlines are strictly adhered to and the results are always excellent (if not always what we expect!) Penny has a creative and refreshingly honest approach and her conclusions and suggestions play a significant role in helping us to develop our products, which have all been marketed successfully.


Step Beyond has played a critical and exemplary role in the planning and execution of our research. In particular, while the research briefs given to Step Beyond have been quite explicit in terms of what we want to get out of the research, they have been able to suggest directions previously unthought-of in our field of road safety.
The level of professionalism shown by Step Beyond in relation to meeting briefs, providing guidance and advice and producing results to tight deadlines has greatly heightened the Partnership’s profile in the National Programme. It has also resulted in the Partnership being published at several International conferences and the work has been met with acclaim at the Department for Transport.


Step Beyond has worked on a wide variety of different projects for Staffordshire County Council and each time demonstrated that they are an extremely professional market research agency. Step Beyond have provided us with both an efficient and friendly service, and delivered clear research findings, which have illustrated a good understanding of public sector working. Their work has been thorough, on time and represents good value for money. I would highly recommend them to any organisation who wants an experienced agency that delivers on their promises.


It gives me especially great pleasure to inform you that His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent has approved the recommendation of our Judging Panel that that the Midlands Road Safety Publicity Group should receive an award in recognition of their outstanding work. The award is given in particular for the research-based approach being taken to your public information campaign and for the high quality research published earlier in the year. Please accept my heartiest congratulations – the judges’ decision was unanimous!


Step Beyond has worked with Thorntons on a variety of different market research projects including qualitative consumer research prior to their recent Special Toffee re-launch. It was a great piece of work which provided us with fascinating and invaluable insight into our customers’ buying needs. In addition it provided us with clear direction about our proposed new designs which we were then able to refine and launch with confidence.


The value of the research conducted by Step Beyond in providing the police in the Trent Valley Division with a strategic framework for its Community and Race Relations Plan cannot be overstated. Project management throughout was very impressive; the presentation of findings was extremely good and overall the project went way beyond our expectations.


The research carried out by Step Beyond has been crucial in planning the next three year cycle of our strategy. The research was carried out professionally and to very tight deadlines and the results were delivered in a manner that enabled an understanding of the findings to be gained at all levels in the organisation. The research will play a part in making Staffordshire a safer pace to live.


I was really pleased with the attitude of Step Beyond, who were in touch often and kept me up to date with what was going on. They were also very thorough with their questioning before taking on the project to be sure of what we were trying to achieve. The end results were very detailed and helpful to our work. I’d happily use Step Beyond again in the future.


Step Beyond’s response to our proposed survey was prompt, precise and effective. The results of their work stretched the CJB’s thinking towards new horizons and goals through a clear action plan which has been derived directly from the survey.


The senior management team at Step Beyond has played a critical and exemplary role in the planning, execution of our research. In addition their ability to give key advice on research direction has ensured it has achieved its aims and objectives, whilst also providing the Group with strategic level guidance on our educational initiatives. The work has been met with acclaim at the Department for Transport and the National Safety Camera Liaison.


Step Beyond has been able to handle large and small sample sizes easily. Their reports are always concise and user friendly. Unlike a lot of agencies they do not need to be reminded to keep us regularly updated on the progress of a project. In short, it is our experience that Step Beyond produce research that is practical and provides a tangible contribution to the business, something that is unfortunately quite rare in market research.


For the Midlands Partnership Group, the greatest benefit in working with Step Beyond lies in their ability to develop and manage research projects to ensure that key findings and conclusions are both accurate and, more importantly, useable in terms of developing future strategies for targeting road user groups. The depth, detail and validity of their work is testament to the Step Beyond management team, and has resulted in our investment in three further projects.


Step Beyond offers a thorough, professional approach to market research. I have found their work exceptional at all levels. I would definitely approach Step Beyond again for my next research project.


This research provided us with some real insights into the motivations and purchase behaviour of consumers in the fast-growing branded coffee shops sector. In spite of extremely tight deadlines, and the need for a survey simultaneously in London, Manchester and Glasgow, the project was turned around with speed and professionalism, and we found Step Beyond very responsive to our needs all the way through. On top of that, they were a pleasure to work with.


Air New Zealand's successful relationship with Step Beyond is based on the agency's ability to deliver understandable and meaningful research created from data that is simple to apply to our business models and which, in turn, helps us to improve our customer experience.  Step Beyond is an easy company to work with and they have delivered consistently for us over the years.


We were delighted with the professional approach taken by Step Beyond from the very beginning. Their invaluable advice and support contributed to the delivery of an excellent event. They recruited a truly representative group of people that made a great contribution to our business planning.


I have worked with and employed a variety of research companies in the past 20 years and regard Step Beyond’s professionalism and commitment as amongst the best I have experienced. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending them.


Step Beyond provided an excellent service, which I would recommend to any business. Penny understood our needs from the start of the project, and assisted by improving our survey questionnaire.

The survey itself was completed well within the proposed timescale, and we are very pleased with the detail & scope of the report.

Step Beyond has played a critical and exemplary role in the planning and execution of our research.

Midlands Partnership Group

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