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"Step Beyond are one of the most professional companies we have had the privilege to work with. From start to finish (ahead of schedule) they dealt with the brief with rigour, interest and objectivity culminating in a very practical and robust set of recommendations."

The Borough Museum, Newcastle



The Step Beyond Team 


Penny Meigh has direct responsibility for the successful delivery of all projects, supported by a small team of very highly skilled experts. Jennifer Whittaker leads on our online communities and Luka Zevnik and Manuel Kuran lead on projects using applied neuroscience.


Penny Meigh

Penny is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society and has been a research specialist since she graduated in Economics – both on the agency and client side, in London and New Zealand.

She held senior management positions at several leading agencies before setting up Step Beyond, literally enabling her to ‘step beyond’ the focus on profit margins and turnover that’s inherent in so many large agencies, to instead focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients by pushing the boundaries at every stage.

Her leisure interests? The Great Outdoors: hill walking (with Draco the Labrador), skiing, mountain biking and horse riding. Plus some rather less exciting cooking and gardening (natural, wild flower meadows are her goal but sadly yet to be achieved)

Her not-so-secret passion? Slovenia - ‘Europe’s hidden gem’.


Jennifer Whittaker

Jennifer is a specialist and highly skilled qualitative researcher and is also a qualified psychotherapist and Master in NLP and Timeline Therapy. She often uses these techniques in her research, for example to guide respondents through the auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and audio digital aspects of their decision making, or to help respondents to project into the future through the use of imagery and movement as well as language. Jennifer speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish as well as intermediate French, Persian and Russian and has an MSc in Chinese language and politics.

Her leisure interests? Jennifer is a keen motorcyclist and rides a Honda CBF500 on which she rode to Morocco in 2011. She’s now planning a ride to Tajikistan – any sponsors welcome! She is also currently learning the violin (which she plays very badly) and guitar.

Her secret passion? Karaoke!



Manuel Kuran

Manuel is an expert in cognitive psychology and social neuroscience, specialising in applied neuroscience. In the last 8 years Manuel has had extensive experience in the practical applications of neuroscience and has also published more than 10 expert articles on the subject. Manuel has also worked as a copywriter and marketing project manager and is now integrating the skills and expertise he has acquired from both fields to provide actionable business insights with proven scientific accuracy.

His leisure interests? When Manuel is not solving complex business challenges he plays a base guitar. His other artistic passions include jazz, photography and modern art. He is also a skilled and very competitive football player, who you would want to have on your team!

His secret passion? Tattoos with suprematist motives!

Luka Zevnik

Luka holds a PhD on emotions, happiness and experience from University of Wollongong, Australia & University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His is interdisciplinary-oriented, combining the insights of psychology, social sciences and cultural studies on the one side with applied neuroscience on the other. Luka is a specialist in understanding and applying the latest advancements of neuroscience and other biometrics to address a wide array of strategic and methodological challenges. He has also presented conference papers and published expert and scientific articles and books on happiness and emotions, quality of experience, applied neuroscience, consumer neuroscience and neurodesign.

His leisure interests? Luka loves sassy fusion cooking and excellent food (coupled with traveling whenever possible). He also cannot live without great films and TV series. In the outdoor activities department he is into what he calls hedonistic sports: skiing, windsurfing and free-diving!

His secret passion? Smart parrots and lazy cats!


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