"I have worked with Penny for several years. We regularly put research jobs out to tender and Penny always comes in with excellent proposals, well priced and with strong levels of relevant experience. She has conducted many different styles of research for the Museum, including running focus groups, street interviews and on site research. Her reports are well informed giving an excellent balance of statistical analysis and intelligent commentary. We value the fact that we have one point of contact, at such a senior level, that oversees the project from start to finish ensuring that it is delivered on time and on budget."

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Market research toolkit 

Our market research toolkit

There are so many different techniques we can use and a large part of our expertise lies in selecting the best ones for each project.

We have deliberately chosen not to become a ‘qual’ or ‘quant’ specialist. Instead we offer both, and have a core specialism in qualitative/quantitative combined studies where can offer complete seamlessness. Quite a rarity in a small agency!

We have immense expertise in traditional or classical research techniques such as focus groups, depth interviews, street interviews and hall tests. And they still have a crucial role to play in many projects.

Emerging technology

But new research techniques using emerging technology offer fantastic opportunities not only for the client but also the people who are taking part. With our careful, experienced design and management, technology can make research more interactive, fun and truly engaging for participants – which in turn yields exciting, rich and relevant insights for the client at a previously unimaginable level. For example…

Brain scanning technologies allow us to penetrate deep into the unconscious mind, recording responses to brands, products and the whole marketing mix literally at the point where thoughts, perceptions and emotions emerge.

Online communities allow us to become part of people’s lives for a while and to use fun, creative, psychotherapy techniques to reveal insights of amazing depth and complexity.

Ethnography also allows us to become part of people’s lives, to thoroughly understand where they are coming from, the nitty gritty of their day to day, their homes, the influence of their families, and the way their needs and goals vary at different times of the day and in different circumstances.


New research techniques using emerging digital technology offer fantastic opportunities

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