"Step Beyond has played a critical and exemplary role in the planning and execution of our research. In particular, while the research briefs given to Step Beyond have been quite explicit in terms of what we want to get out of the research, they have been able to suggest directions previously unthought-of in our field of road safety.

The level of professionalism shown by Step Beyond in relation to meeting briefs, providing guidance and advice and producing results to tight deadlines has greatly heightened the Partnership’s profile in the National Programme. It has also resulted in the Partnership being published at several International conferences and the work has been met with acclaim at the Department for Transport."

Midlands Safety Cameras Partnership



Neuromarketing. How It Works 

Neuromarketing: How does it work?

Neuroscience has proven that 90% of our behaviour is driven by processes deep within our unconscious mind. One of the brain’s primary functions is collecting and processing sensory information from the environment. As the brain interprets this information, it generates experiences.

Using advanced brain-imaging technology, it is possible to measure the quality of consumer experience directly, and accurately predict behaviour. Behaviour that people can neither consciously anticipate nor articulate the motivations behind.

Our research helps clients develop ‘brain friendly’ products, brands, marketing and communications at a price that is accessible to all.


Neuromarketing. How It Works 

But how do we do it?

Careful planning and set-up is key: we initially take time to understand the parameters of the marketing challenges so that we can decide upon…

  • The relevant stimuli
  • Which brain response(s) to measure
  • Sample structure and composition

We carefully recruit participants for each project, who take part individually, with depth interviews following the brain-scanning.

These interviews focus on providing a context for the neuroscience analysis, through identifying and exploring participants’ explicit and implicit goals, their conscious brand experiences and perceptions etc.

Discussions vary according to the research objectives, using creative enabling techniques to help participants identify and express emotions as needed.

We collect the neuroscience data using the latest, high-resolution, multichannel EEG equipment and eye-tracking technology. Through this we scientifically measure the levels of attention, emotional response and implicit memory that the marketing or product stimulates within the unconscious mind, that is: the quality of the experience. We fully adhere to NMSBA’s Code of Ethics.

Our team of ‘Black Box’ neuroscience experts then thoroughly analyse and interpret the data; a process that is both intensive and highly skilled.

We then combine the scientific analysis with the findings from the depth interviews to provide neuromarketing insights and clear strategic direction on a level that would otherwise be impossible.


Our research helps clients develop ‘brain friendly’ products, brands, marketing and communications at a price that is accessible to all.

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