"Step Beyond has been able to handle large and small sample sizes easily. Their reports are always concise and user friendly. Unlike a lot of agencies they do not need to be reminded to keep us regularly updated on the progress of a project. In short, it is our experience that Step Beyond produce research that is practical and provides a tangible contribution to the business, something that is unfortunately quite rare in market research."

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Retail market research 

Retail market research

Out of all the sectors we work in, retail is facing the greatest challenge. The decline of the British High Street is well known but of course it’s not just the High Street that is having problems: many of the big chains and retail parks are also struggling to find their role in modern lifestyles and compete effectively without being driven to constant special offers and discounts. We can help through profiling your shoppers, identifying what really makes them ‘tick’ in terms of store environment, product range and customer service and provide you with real evidence to help you make sound business decisions.

And online retailers, while often more buoyant, can suffer from never actually coming face to face with customers and so have a core need for research to fully understand customers’ needs, behaviour and experiences. We are NOT fans of those boring, long and tedious online customer surveys that seem to be becoming par for the course – some have so many inherent flaws and problems it really scares us that online retailers may well be basing their decisions on them. Please talk to us: we can conduct fantastic, interactive, engaging online surveys that really help you keep your finger on the pulse – perhaps blending qualitative with quantitative, using the latest technology and really helping you identify how you can compete effectively in the infinitely huge online marketplace without having to resort to just being the cheapest.


We can conduct fantastic, interactive, engaging online surveys that really help you keep your finger on the pulse.

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