Market research online communities

Step Beyond’s market research online communities yield insights of immense depth

Step Beyond online communities

Our market research online communities

Step Beyond market research online communities will yield customer insights of immense depth and complexity.

Through our skilled moderation and use of creative psychotherapy techniques, we can become part of people’s lives and penetrate deep into their minds and decision making processes.

We love online communities due to their ability to…

Get to the truth: the anonymity of online participation and our skilled use of creative research techniques yield real honesty, even for sensitive subjects.

Become part of participants’ lives: and hence their huge power in revealing ‘moments of truth’.

Bring different types of people together who wouldn’t be mixed in a traditional focus group – different social groups, ages and even cultures and languages. This can spark debate and differences in opinion that actually enhance rather than inhibit the research process.

Creating fantastic levels of engagement through…

Continuous listening, richer relationships and 3-way-dialogue.

The creation of a fun environment, along with focused, skilled moderation, creative and motivating tasks and discussions.

Customer Testimonials

Step Beyond made the whole process of gaining customer insight both easy and efficient. Penny and her team put a lot of effort into building a sound understanding of our sector in a short space of time, allowing them to create and deliver a project that was completely tailored around our specific expectations. Working with Step Beyond has been a real pleasure and throughout our projects there has been a real feeling that 'nothing is too much trouble'.


I am very pleased with the report and will be talking to the Trustees about how we can use it in our future marketing. Thank you for all your hard work and I’d be very happy to provide a reference if you’d like one.


We value the fact that we have one point of contact, at such a senior level, that oversees the project from start to finish ensuring that it is delivered on time and on budget.

Ironbridge Gorge Museums

In addition it provided us with clear direction about our proposed new designs which we were then able to refine and launch with confidence.


Step Beyond is a fundamental research partner for Dawn Foods. Penny consistently goes above and beyond to execute research with a very hard to reach customer base. Their reports turn insights into actions, always delivering against our business objectives.

Dawn Foods

Step Beyond did a fantastic job. The process was easy, we were kept informed throughout and they were not afraid to advise on changes to improve our outcome. As an MD of the business I find it difficult to respond to emails during the day and Step Beyond were extremely flexible with their communications. All in all a highly competent and professional experience - I would highly recommend to any business.